IPX-418 A night of pleasure in the female secretary's house

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Being busy with work and being a passionate director of a famous company, it is understandable that the husband often has to leave early and come home late at night. However, the naive wife did not know that those times when she came out early and came home late at night were actually not for work but for another purpose hidden behind her back. After work, the director started complaining to his beautiful secretary about how it was too late and there was no place to sleep because he was afraid his hot-tempered wife would nag him so he didn't dare go home. Knowing that, the female secretary suggested going to her house to stay overnight and then go to work the next morning. The director was extremely interested and agreed. A lot of things happened at her house that night. Due to her laid-back personality, she wore a suit without underwear like usual, but this time the director appeared. The times she intentionally exposed her rosy nipples and beautiful braids made him unable to ignore it, and it was not difficult to understand when this lustful girl actively solicited the director for sex. with me. While the couple was immersed in their secret love affair full of excitement, he received many calls from his wife, but his sexual enthusiasm made him forget that, focusing only on the woman. The secretary is lewd and ignores the wife who is at home waiting for news from her husband.

IPX-418 A night of pleasure in the female secretary's house

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